Currently Mandala Workshops are being offered. Other holistic health-related workshops will soon be available. Check back soon, or contact me to find out more.

Mandala Workshops:

You will learn about the sacred nature of mandalas, and their potential as a doorway or portal into a new experience, as well as a healing art. With a pure intention and sincere heart, you can create these — as expressions of your innermost being, as meditation tools, and as tools for healing, as I have. The mandala “journey” is not only about its creation and the potentially transcendent experience of that process, but the energy of the piece itself when it is completed.

This (and more) will be covered:

  • how “everything is energy” (and this is scientifically based)
  • how an object such as a drawing can be imbued with energy
  • a brief introduction to sacred geometry
  • a brief history of the mandala and its origin, and the difference between classical and free form mandalas
  • its almost universal use in nearly every culture
  • my own experience with creating mandalas
  • basics such as tools and supplies needed
  • your own self-preparation for creating a mandala, including a clear intention – do you want this to be a mandala for healing? For attracting a soul mate? For self-acceptance and growth? For attracting abundance?
  • what is an “energy matrix” in this context?
  • the fact that colour contains energy and information
  • how to begin and create your own mandala
  • a brief meditation, a grounding exercise
  • time for drawing and creating your mandala

Please contact me to arrange for a workshop.